Premium Wine Club Information

Admission fee 50,000 yen (55,000 yen including tax)
*We will send you wine worth 55,000 yen (60,500 yen including tax) at the time of enrollment.
( Premium Wine Club 50,000 You can choose one from three points of A, B, and C. )

*No annual fee.

・You can purchase at 10% off every time.
(Excluding some sale items)
・Priority purchase of rare and premium wines
・Priority guidance/participation in wine parties/events/tasting sessions ・Some products that are sold out on the product page can be sold to premium members. Please contact us for details.

We will continue to enhance our service plans and benefits for our members.

<Enrollment procedure>
1) Choose one of the three sets ( Premium Wine Club 50,000 A, B, C ) and add it to your cart.

2) As with normal purchases, you will be considered a member upon completion of payment.