Limited quantity Rare wine

All of our original imported South African wines are highly rare, but we would like to introduce some of them that are particularly rare.

Many of them have high aging potential, so please add them to your collection.
In addition, it is also recommended as a topic of conversation, as it does not overlap with anyone as a souvenir.

Of course, the quality is certified.

◎Avalon 2012

One of the most difficult wines to obtain in Japan. We were able to obtain only 20 through our own route, but we have already shipped some, so there are only a few left.
Quality that you can tell when you drink it.

◎ Warwick Cabernet Franc

Warwick top range. It is difficult to obtain because it has won many awards and is scrambled around the world. We have a few in stock. One that I would like you to keep.

◎Carmen Carmenere / Petite Sirah

A rare wine with only 1620 bottles produced. Also contains cereal.
Petit Syrah made by Carmen, who not only contributes to society but also has a great sense as a wine maker.

A rare wine with only 560 bottles produced. Serial included.
Carmenere very well done. Please keep it.

◎ Steenberg MCC Magnum size!

Steenberg 1682 Chardonnay Cap Classique Magunam 1.5L

MCC Magnum size in a very nice winery.
Only 20 in stock. Perfect for celebrations and large parties.

My win

In particular, the champagne-method MCC is no longer available VT.
Very well made and only a few left.
Only 200 bottles of Chardonnay are produced.
Please keep it if you see it!