Always 3 Recommendations

There are many ways to enjoy wine.

Before, during, and after meals, especially during meals, it can be difficult to pair all dishes with one type of wine.

Therefore, we recommend "always 3 bottles" so that you can enjoy both food and wine deliciously.

Specifically, three corks are removed at the same time.
South African wines are clear and do not interfere with cooking, so both food and wine are synergistic and delicious.

Don't worry if you have leftover wine.
If you manage it with a dedicated wine stopper, it will be delicious enough for 5 to 7 days (or even 10 days depending on the item). If you don't have such a tool, just plug it and put it in the refrigerator.

When one bottle is empty, unplug a new bottle.
There are various discoveries about food pairing, and the dining table becomes more and more fun.

Unexpectedly, fish (even sashimi) has red, sushi doesn't match sparkling, and meat has white.

In the future, pairing information will be sent from time to time.

You can purchase the goods you always need for the three books here.