virtual cape town

When you think of Africa, many people have a safari or a scary image, but Cape Town, the home of South African wine, is full of attractions that everyone will become a fan once you go there, full of wonderful art, food, golf courses, and wine. A place you must visit. I hope you enjoy the virtual wine with the wine that came all the way from such a heavenly place.

◎ golf course;
There are many places that have been selected as the best golf courses in the world, and it is an attractive place for golf lovers. The scenery unique to Africa that can be seen from the course is also a masterpiece.
There are many wineries, restaurants, and lodging establishments, and delicious wine after golf is exceptional.

There are many places that have been selected as the best restaurants in the world, and there are many shops that you should visit.
Not only is the delicate seasoning and quality of the ingredients familiar to Japanese people, but the highly artistic dish called Cape French is also pleasing to the eye.

◎ Winery with an art gallery

There are many wineries with art galleries, and it is stylish.

◎Tourist attractions

Not only the famous places such as Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope, but also the unnamed places have spectacular scenery. There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the magnificence and diversity of nature that cannot be found in other countries. In addition, there are places where you can enjoy African culture, so the amount of content is not enough even if you are there for two weeks.

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Please get to know South Africa (Cape Town) and drink more delicious wine.